Frequently asked questions

I have lost my eyebrows – what can I do?

A lot of people have their eyebrows defined/enhanced with semi-permanent make-up.

I would like my lips to be made to look thicker

This can be achieved with a lip line or even a full lip blush.

When I wake up I look like I have no eyes

An eye lash enhancement would help define your eyes 24 x 7.

I am losing my good eyesight with age finding my eyeliner hard to do

Have you thought about 24×7 eyeliner with semi-permanent make-up?

I quite like the Towie look for eyebrows

Not a problem with eyebrows.

What about 3d eyebrows?

Yes, this new technique is available now.

What can be done about pale lips?

Have you thought about a 24×7 lip line and blush?

Where are you based?

Available through clinics in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.