About Pauline

Pauline is committed to beauty and cosmetics, and feels semi permanent make up is one way to enhance our own natural beauty.

pauline kneller

With over eight years experience in the makeup industry Pauline has worked alongside some of the top technicians in Europe.

Pauline has successful clinics in a number of locations:

  • Buckinghamshire
  • Berkshire
  • Oxfordshire

Semi permanent make up is a revolutionary beauty treatment used to define eyebrows, eyes and lips. Picture waking up every morning to beautifully defined eyes, lips and eyebrows. Pauline is dedicated to create a natural look for women of all ages.

About Semi Permanent Make-up (SPMU)

90% of women use cosmetics every single day, all of us think we look better and feel more attractive wearing make up. From lipstick to mascara, make up undoubtedly boosts our confidence. Semi permanent make-up is now generally referred to as permanent makeup.

Semi Permanent makeup is now an established beauty procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigments are placed in the dermal layer of the skin. The implanted pigment will gradually fade with time, depending on a persons age, colour implanted etc.

I always agree any work with the client before we begin the treatment. The first treatment will create a soft effect – more colour and thickness can be added in subsequent follow up treatment. Pauline uses the very latest techniques and equipment to ensure your treatment is comfortable and will heal as predicted.

Medical Treatment with Pauline Kneller

Reconstruction of Aerola – Nipple Aerola Micropigmentation once reconstruction completed.
Reconstruction of cleft lip palate – The appearance of a cleft lip can be dramatically reduced and balanced with Micropigmentation.
Scar and Burns – Once the scar has healed normally after one year Micropigmentation can be used to camouflage or blend in colour.